Lojer pulleys


With its range of accessories, the Lojer Pulley is one of the most diverse pieces of medical training therapy equipment.
The pulley is used in physiotherapy and other forms of therapy to train and strengthen different parts of the body, even
the entire body. A pulley enables precisely defined use of resistance, with sufficiently small weights and small increments.
Depending on the type of exercises, the pulley can be used to improve circulation, co-ordination, endurance or strength.
The purpose of its versatility is to assist the therapist in giving the patient an accurate training dosage, in order
to restore functional qualities like circulation, co-ordination, endurance and strength to the musculoskeletal system.
There is two Lojer Pulley models: Lojer Pulley with 14 kg (13 x 1,0 kg + 2 x 0,5 kg) and Lojer Pulley with 20 kg
(19 x 1,0 kg + 2 x 0,5 kg). Both encludes weight stack, encasement, one handle, wall model.


The Lojer Vertical Pulls expand and improve the number of prescribed exercises for large muscle groups, Moreover,
the weight of the patient can be reduced during the exercise by using the negative weight bar, thus lighter exercises
are possible. By changing the rope length and rope position pull-up and rowing functions are available for optimal
rehabilitation of the back and lower quarter, including developing proper lifting techniques. There is three Verical Pull
-models: Lojer VERTICAL PULL with 50 kg weight stack (10 x 5 kg), with 80 kg weight stack (16 x 5 kg) and with
100 kg weight stack (20 x 5 kg). All models includes encasement, one handle and wall model.



CE–marked medical equipment
Sturdy construction
Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety
The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5 cm increments
Quiet, smooth resistance across the whole range of movement
Six (Vertical Pull) and four (Pulley) fixing points for fixing against a wall
Height steplessly adjustable according to the height of the room, between 228 cm and 198 cm (Vertical Pull)
One pulling handle as standard (Pulley)


Lojer Speed Pulleys

Very popular models due to their versatility. When the training resistance is selected correctly, the completion of the
movement is right, range of motion is right, the starting position is right and the training devices are meant for this type of
training, then the therapy can be successful providing best results. The aim of the training can be better coordination,
to normalize motored control and muscle balance or just to improve muscle balance. When the drills have been selected
to be suitable for each situation, then the normal muscle endurance and/or the normal muscle strength can be achieved
in normal range of movement needed at each time.
By “slowing down” the movement of the weight stack in relation to the speed of the pulley rope (please look at the
resistance matrix herewith), Lojer SpeedPulley also allows the utilization of speed variation in advanced rehabilitation.
There are three models of Lojer SpeedPulley: 50 kg – with 20 x 2,5 kg weight stack, 80 kg – with 32 x 2,5 kg weight stack
and 100 kg – with 40 x 2,5 kg weight stack (all includes encasement, two handles, wall model). And one model of Lojer
Mobile Speed Pulley 50 kg – with 20 * 2,5 kg weight stack, encasement, two handles, mobile, with four retractable casters.


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