LymphaTouch® is a medical device designed for high results in rehabilitation. The negative pressure and high frequency mechanical vibrations created by the device enhance the lymphatic flow in the area making the treatment faster and more effective.LymphaTouch® treatment is recommended for both healthcare professionals and patients. Treatment areas include pre- and post-operative edema, scarring, lymphedema, acute injuries, fascial restrictions, pain management and joint function.

How the device works

The negative pressure of the device expands the tissues. Endothelial holes dilate. Metabolic products are transported to the lymphatic capillary network. The drainage mechanism is activated and the flow of lymph is further enhanced.

Device characteristics

Adjustable pulsatility and pressure control. High frequency mechanical oscillation. Ergonomic therapeutic handle. Mains/battery powered for all day use. (Up to 8 hours of continuous use) New generation operating system. Operation via touch screen.

The device is applied in the following areas:


Edema Pain management Simple tissue mobilization Scars and fibrosis Enhance functionality
LymphaTouch® is used to relieve swelling and pain in primary and secondary lymphedema resulting from injuries, as well as pre- and post-surgically.


Pre- and Post-Operative Swelling Injury Swelling Scar Tissue Pain Management Increasing Range of Motion
LymphaTouch® can be used as part of both pre- and post-operative rehabilitation to enhance and promote faster recovery from surgery.


Acute Sports Injuries Recovery Muscle Care Fascia Therapies Soft Tissue Restrictions
LymphaTouch® treatment can be used to prevent injuries as part of recovery and muscle care, but can also be part of rehabilitation from sports injuries.


Pre- and post-operative swelling Bruises Scar tissue Epidermal laxity Wellness and relaxation
Negative pressure therapy with LymphaTouch® supports lymphatic flow and blood circulation, enhancing the body’s natural healing process.



Roll Stand LymphaTouch®
The LymphaTouch® Roll Stand is specially designed for the LymphaTouch® LT01 model. Easily adjustable where it improves stability when used in the clinic.

LymphaTouch® Sport Upgrade
The software upgrade for the LymphaTouch® device allows the possibility to increase the negative pressure value up to 350 mmHg.

LymphaTouch® therapy cups
LymphaTouch® provides five treatment cups, 10mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm.

LymphaTouch® bag
The LymphaTouch® carrying bag is specially designed to take good care of the LymphaTouch® device and accessories in the clinic or when you are on the road.

LymphaTouch® filters
To improve overall hygiene and keep the device clean, remember to change the LymphaTouch® disposable filter between patients. Filters are sold in packs of 500 pieces.

LymphaTouch® Roll Stand Retrofit
With the help of the Retrofit adapter, you can mount the LymphaTouch® LT01 model on an older Roll Stand model.

Technical characteristics of the device

Negative pressure setting: 20-250mmHg. Upgradable to 350mmHg

Vibratility: 0.5-5s

High frequency oscillation: 20-90Hz

Therapeutic cups: 10mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm

Filters: Disposable air filters to maximize hygiene

Screen: TFT LCD 4.3” 800×480

Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion for up to 8 hours of continuous use

Dimensions / Weight: 19x10x11.5cm/ 1.1kg

Warranty: 2 years excluding batteries and accessories


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