MFT Challenge disc 2.0

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Bluetooth-enabled digital balance board, analyzes leg balance ability and becomes a trainer with the MFT Bodyteamwork app, where training programs and training games lead to success. For aspiring athletes, families and physical therapists.

It contains motion sensors with a Bluetooth module for wireless communication with an iOS, MAC OS, Android, Amazon OS or Windows mobile device or laptop. It recognizes how well movements can be compensated, how balance can be maintained and gives a training recommendation as to what level to start training at. The patented drive mechanism allows athletes, seniors and children to achieve a coordinated level of training. Constant feedback motivates you to keep training and you
puts you in control of your training progress.

Features of the MFT Bodyteamwork app:

Accurate values ​​for two-legged and one-legged coordination/balance test. Saving the test and training results in a score list. Print and save as PDF of test results. Predefined training programs with both two legs and one leg. Compatible with Windows, Android, Amazon OS and Apple.

It is used in:

Sports and performance centers Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers Home training Personal training and gyms

Training goal: (10 – 30 minutes daily)

Healthy back, healthy joints, balance training, coordination training, maintaining freedom of movement, fall prevention training.


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