MoVeS Elastic Bands 45,5m

47.60119.00 VAT Included

Excellent quality and durability resistance tires with Snap-stop technology. Increasing resistances are indicated by different colors: from yellow (lower resistance) to silver (higher resistance). Packaging per piece, length 45.5m. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Snap-Stop.
This technology makes exercise with resistance bands extremely safe. Its unique construction has the advantage of protecting it from splitting in two, even if there are holes or slight cuts in places. This is very important, since the resistance exercises load the tires with extremely high voltages, and many times the existence of even a small hole can expand and damage the tire. That is why MoVeS-Band MoVeS Band Global tires are unique in their field. Thanks to the extensive research, we have developed a special production process which ensures the desired durability of the final product, in all conditions. Maximum elongation up to 300%.

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    Moves elastic band beige (extra light) 45.5m, MoVeS Elastic Band Black (special heavy) 45,5m, MoVeS Elastic Band Blue (extra heavy) 45,5m, MoVeS Elastic Band Green (heavy) 45,5m, MoVeS Elastic Band Red (medium) 45,5m, MoVeS Elastic Band Yellow (thin) 45,5m