New Age Italia Biophysio

Professional electrostimulator for physiotherapy; it delivers all electrotherapy currents for analgesic and anti-inflammatory applications, post-injury recovery of healthy and denervated muscles, urogynecological therapy. Software with 135 preset and 5 free programs; power supply from the mains.

Basic equipment:

  • 2 sponge electrodes 60×80 mm
  • 2 sponge electrodes 80×120 mm
  • 2 fixing elastic bands
  • 4 pre-gelled electrodes 50×50
  • Alimentation cable
  • User manual and applications
  • Suitcase


Programmes/Applications for:

Reinforcing action for the pelvic floor, Relaxing / decontracting action, Bursitis, Brachialgia, Cervicalgia, Contractures,Widespread bruises,Cooling down, Sprains, Sharp pain, Chronic pain, Back pain, Acute epicondylitis, Power, Explosive strength, Resistant force, Galvanotherapy, Gonalgia,Iontophoresis, Hyperhidrosis, Lymphatic drainage, Low back pain, Dislocations, Massage, Metatarsalgia, Myalgia, Periarthritis, Pubalgia , Active recovery, Functional recovery, Aerobic endurance, Rheumatism, Relaxation, Heating ,Sciatica, Stimulation of denervated muscles, Stimulation of normal innervated muscles, Tore up, Tendinitis, Toning, Urogynecological analgesic, treatments, Trauma / bruises.


Technical features

Supply  230V 50 / 60Hz

Waveform: Tens, diadynamic, bipolar interferential, biphasic rectangular, kotz, iontophoresis, faradic, single-phase rectangular, triangular, exponential, uro

Output channels: 2 independent

Programs: 135 preset + 10 free

Current intensity (mA): 0-120

Frequency (Hz): 1-160

Pulse duration (us):50-1s

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