New Age Italia Hi-E Sonic

Hi-E SONIC professional combined device for electro and ultrasound therapy, delivers all the main types of current for analgesic and anti-inflammatory applications, for post injury recovery , for the stimulation of denervated muscles and for uro-gynecological applications. It works with electricity and contains 63 generic programs for electrotherapy and 50 free programs; 40 preset ultrasound therapy programs and 20 free programs.

The ultrasound probe delivers all frequencies for the main types of deep or superficial, therapeutic and aesthetic applications. 5.7 ”LCD color touch screen display. Equipped with a handpiece suitable for underwater use.

Basic equipment:
  • 1 cable + ultrasound handpiece (head diameter 45mm)
  • 1 pack of GEL for ultrasounds 250g
  • 2 sponge bags 60×80 mm
  • 2 sponge bags 80×120 mm
  • 2 output cables
  • 2 conductive silicone electrodes 60×80 mm
  • 2 conductive silicone electrodes 80×120 mm
  • 2 fixing elastic bands
  • 4 pre-gelled electrodes 50×50
  • Alimentation cable
  • User manual and applications
Programs, applications for:
Arthritis / osteoarthritis, Arthropathies, Reinforcing action for the pelvic floor, Inhibiting action for detrusor instability, Inhibiting action on antagonists, Relaxing / decontracting action, Bursitis, Brachialgia, Diffuse cellulite, Diffuse cellulite, Localized cellulite, Cervicalgia, Contractures, Widespread bruises, Cooling down, Sprains, Sharp pain, Chronic pain, Abdominal pain, Back pain, Hematomas, Acute epicondylitis, Disc herniation, Plantar fasciitis, Power, Explosive strength, Resistant force, Fractures, Galvanotherapy, Gonalgia, Iontophoresis, Hyperhidrosis, Lymphatic drainage, Low back pain, Dislocations, Massage, Metatarsalgia, Myalgia, Periarthritis, Pseudarthrosis, Active recovery, Functional recovery, Aerobic endurance, Rheumatism, Relaxation, Heating, Delays in bone consolidation, Sciatica, Stimulation of denervated muscles, Stimulation of normal innervated muscles, Proprioceptive stimulation, Tore up, Tendinitis, Toning, Face Toning, Urogynecological analgesic treatments, Trauma / bruises.

Technical features

Supply: 230V 50 / 60Hz

Wave forms: Tens, diadynamic, bipolar interferential, tetrapolar interferential, rectangular biphasic, kotz, iontophoresis, faradic, rectangular single phase, triangular, exponential, uro, HV, microcurrents

Output channels: 2 independent (electrotherapy)+ 2 (ultrasound)

Electrotherapy programs: 63 generic + 50 free

Current intensity (mA): 120

Frequency (Hz): 1-200

Pulse duration (us): 50-1s

Ultrasound therapy programs: 40 preset + 20 free

Frequency (MHz): 1-3

Issue: Continuous / pulsed

Power: 0-3W / cmq


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