New Age Italia Pocket Physio Ionotens

The Pocket Physio Line includes a new electrostimulator for the most specific applications of pain relief and anti-inflammatory electrotherapy: the IONOTENS model.

The device software contains 33 preset programs with the most used protocols plus 4 free programs for setting customized parameters; the dual power operation allows applications at home (with rechargeable battery) and in the therapy room (with power outlet).

Due to its ease of use, personal use is possible for each patient. It delivers antalgic tens currents, ionophoretic, anti-inflammatory and jontophoretic currents to relieve hyperhidrosis in hands and feet.

Basic equipment:
  • 1 set of pre-gelled electrodes (4 50×50 mm 2 50×90 mm)
  • 2 fixing elastic bands
  • 2 splitters
  • 4 sponge bags (2 50×50 mm 2 60×80 mm)
  • 4 conductive silicone electrodes (2 50×50 mm 2 60×80 mm)
  • External power supply
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Output cable
  • User manual and applications
  • Suitcase


Programs, applications for:
Cervicalgia, Contractures, Widespread bruises, Sprains, Sharp pain, Chronic pain, Gonalgia, Iontophoresis, Hyperhidrosis, Metatarsalgia, Sciatica, Tore up, Tendinitis.

Technical features

Supply: Rechargeable battery, external power supply

Wave forms: Tens, iontophoresis

Output channels: 2 independent

Current intensity (mA): 0-120

Frequency (Hz): 1-160

Issue: Continuous / modulated

Pulse duration (us): 50-1s

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