OXD Intense Cooling gel 100mL

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Helps to lift muscles after intense physical exercise. Used after exercise. Refreshes, rejuvenates and restores muscles. OXD Cooling Gel is ideal if you want to relax and strengthen your muscles after exercise. It is specially designed for sports massage and achieves a calming effect thanks to the action of camphor, menthol and the combination of plant extracts. Among them are rosemary, eucalyptus and mint, which have relaxing properties that increase the feeling of coolness and reduce muscle fatigue. The application of Intense Cooling Gel after intense physical exercise relieves any feeling of muscle fatigue, renews and relieves muscle and joint pain and restores the muscles to their original state. In addition, its light texture makes it easy to apply while absorbing quickly. It does not stain your clothes and does not have a sticky texture. Available in a 100ml tube and in a professional 1L package with a pump.

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