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Microcurrent therapy has been widely used by healthcare professionals along with amateur and professional athletes and coaches to relieve symptoms of acute inflammation.

Painmaster technology has the following properties and characteristics: 
▪️ Improves the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to injured cells
▪️Relieves chronic, intractable pain in 80% of patients tested: Neck, back, joints, and tennis elbow
▪️ Minimal side effects – drug-free, non-invasive, non-addictive and does not conflict with medications
▪️ Simple management – No special training needed
▪️ Helps target multiple areas of pain and release muscle tension.
▪️ Its technology stimulates the injured tissues and activates the natural healing processes, without the use of drugs.
▪️ Clinically tested (in the treatment of pain).
▪️ Can be used at work and at home
▪️ Light and discreet. Invisible even under transparent clothing.


👉Relieves pain without drugs
👉Uses microcurrent therapy
👉Helps in self-healing
👉Strengthens circulation
👉Targets the source of your pain
👉 Ease of use

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