Posture kids cοrrectors

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Posture Kids are the best support and training for children to adopt a correct posture. If your child or teen carries a heavy backpack to school or leans on the computer for long hours, it can lead to poor posture which can lead to pain and tightness in the shoulders and back. Posture Kids helps children acquire a better posture that will accompany them for a lifetime!
• Use it everywhere: when using electronic devices, in the classroom, on the walk, on the bus.
• Acts as a reminder that activates the muscles for an improved posture
• Can be worn 1-3 hours at a time
• Washable at 40 ° C. Unisex.
• Available in 2 sizes: for 6-12 years old and for 12-16 years old
• Composition of 71% cotton 25% nylon 4% elastane

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