Schrack seconet visocall IP

The increasing demands on modern healthcare facilities require intelligent solutions for planning, implementation and future expansion. We have developed Visocall IP precisely for this purpose. The system is more than a call system: Whether for communication, organisation, maintenance, information, entertainment or service – Visocall IP  combines all applications in one software and supports your staff in their daily work. For example, from more independent patients who can carry out simple tasks completely, without assistance, to mobile applications for more freedom of movement, or targeted alarm notifications without unnecessary detours. Furthermore, the system integration with Full-IP and a decentralised structure, makes a total system failure impossible.

Our communication platform was created especially for use in hospitals and nursing homes and combines all functions in one central system. It’s always available, highly reliable, flexibly expandable and simultaneously cost-effective to install and operate.

-Full-IP call system

-Targeted speech communication

-Patient convenience through numerous functions.


Components for Visocall IP

From hardware to software, we supply all system components and ensure that your investment in a Schrack Seconet system remains economical and profitable, throughout its entire life cycle. Our communication platform can be configured and extended with 57 freely combinable system components.


Patient handset

The patient operating device is the central communication node for the patient. In addition to sending calls for help and direct voice communications with the nursing staff, numerous convenient functions are supported. From call buttons to high-end operating devices, Visocall IP offers the right handheld unit for your healthcare facility.

-Easy cleaning by wipe disinfection

-Individual special calls

-Self-releasing plug IntelliFIX


Room terminal

The room terminal functions as a communication unit for the staff in patient rooms and other rooms. That means all relevant information in all areas as well as call handling according to standard DIN VDE 0834. Other useful functions guarantee maximum efficiency in everyday care.

-Comprehensive call and emergency call functions

-Direct speech connections to patients and colleagues

-Hands-free function

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