Six-channel Electroacupuncture Unit

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predefined programs,
and free programmable memories, to name a few.
• Allows simultaneous stimulation with twelve acupuncture needles (6 channels).
Provides eight (8) different ways of stimulation, including three (3) predefined programs
• Saves fairy tales of the previous treatment and incorporates sixteen (16) for free
programmable memory settings.
• Allows the user to find and stimulate acupuncture points.
• Allows you to measure Ryodo points and save measurement data.
Measurement of relative conductivity:
The ES-160 is unique in the scientific application of Eastern Medicine. Oriental Medicine
recognizes that there is an electro-potential relationship between the acu point at
skin and internal organs.
• Memory settings for previous treatment parameters: 5, one for each model
(random functions excluded)
• Free programmable memory settings: 16
• Ryodoraku measurement memory: 24 Safety functions and performance

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