Soft Robotic Rehabilitation Glove – Syrebo


Syrebo household hand rehabilitation robot,making home rehabilitation more simple!


●Soft robotic exoskeleton technology

●6 training models in one, cover all stages of hand rehabilitation

●Stronger power, 9 levels of intensity to adjust


Key Features

Combined with soft robotic exoskeleton technology and neuroscience, the newly-upgraded soft robotic hand rehabilitation glove SY-HRC12 is powered by the flexible pneumatic bionic muscles that help users to move and re-learn, so as to improve hand mobility and accelerate the process of hand function rehabilitation from three levels of nerves, brain, and muscles.


Applicable Scenarios

Patients with hand dysfunction caused by stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy, hand trauma, orthopedic surgery, etc.


Multiple Training Modes

●Passive training: Power glove drives the affected hand to execute flexion and extension.

●Pinch training: The thumb opposes the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger in turn.

●Mirror training: The healthy hand leads the affected side fingers to do synchronized actions.

●Extend training: Static stretching hand to decrease muscle tone and increase the range of motion.

●Fine motor training: The power glove drives each affected finger to perform the extension and flexion.

●Functional training: Two or more finger pinch training to simulate daily item pinch.


Sizes of glove: Small, Medium, Large

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