Elettronica Pagani Star Biostim

Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulator
STAR BIOSTIM is a wheeled Transdermal Magnetic Stimulation device

– Thanks to the strong pulsed magnetic field it produces (up to 3 Tesla – 30,000 Gauss) deep stimulation of muscle and nerve tissues is possible.

– Indicated for (indicatively mentioned):
– Back pain
– Disc diseases
– Tendonitis
– Arthritis
– Neuropathies
– Bone swellings
– Fractures
– Frozen shoulder
– Heel spur

– Provides analgesia and is applied over clothes


STAR BIOSTIM has a high-resolution 10.1″ touch screen for greater ease of use. With specially designed software and graphics, it is extremely easy to use!


In addition to the number of pre-stored pathologies, which are displayed according to the treatment area, STAR BIOSTIM has a built-in treatment application guide for the selected pathology. On the screen of the device, instructions for use – movement of the head appear, either in text or in video!


It is possible to create a patient file, where all the details of each treatment are recorded in order to monitor the progress of the rehabilitation. In addition to simple measurements, a photo can be imported (via usb or sd card) for a visual display of progress!



Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulator
Power: 3 Tesla
Frequency: 1 – 50 Hz
Water cooled
1 outlet (optionally with 2 outlets)
HQ 10.1” touch screen
Ready protocols with area display
Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistant
Ability to create a patient file
Infinite empty memory slots
Greek menu
USB / SD Card port
CE certification


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