Tecarpuls II


Radiofrequency Electric Current (RFEC)

The Tecarpuls-II is a unit for diathermy by means of RFEC (also known as TECAR). RFEC is used for tissue repair and for pain relief. It allows you to stimulate cells and cell metabolism by means of alternating waves, and it can generate heat, both superficial and deep in the body. The Tecarpuls-II generates electromagnetic energy by means of radio waves with frequencies of 460 kHz or 540kHz. These waves have excellent tissue penetration properties. It allows you to stimulate tissue repair very deep in the human body. With the different available electrodes, you can guide the heat distribution and optimize penetration depth. It allows you to accentuate the repair of different tissues such as ligaments, muscles, tendons or bone.


Combine your therapeutic skills with deep heat

The lightweight ergonomic handpiece can be used in the palm of your hand. As such, you can mobilize, massage or assist your patient during a movement while applying heat. This is very comfortable for both you and for your patient. The built-in LED-indicator serves as a visual contact control to ensure optimal energy transfer and enhance efficacy.


The handpiece can be operated in single dynamic mode (moving one electrode) and in dual dynamic mode (moving two electrodes at the same time). Besides these dynamic applications, you have the option to give a hands-free (static) treatment. Using self-adhesive electrodes, you can apply heat to the treatment area for a longer period of time without a continuous effort from your side to hold and move around the electrode. Still however, completely under your supervision and absolutely safe for your patient.


Choice of different treatment electrode types

The Tecarpuls-II is delivered with three different types of treatment electrodes: capacitive, resistive and selfadhesive electrodes. Whichever treatment electrode is chosen, you always need a neutral (common) electrode. The electromagnetic field is generated between the active treatment electrode and the (large) neutral ground electrode. Capacitive and resistive electrodes come in 3 different sizes: small – medium – large (Ø 30, 50, 70mm) and are quick and easy to exchange. The great variety of electrodes ensures that any anatomical region (large, small, superficial or deep) can be treated safely and in the right way.

Capacitive electrodes

The capacitive treatment electrodes are covered with a ceramic layer and have a very high impedance. Therefore the focus of the generated electromagnetic field will be close to the electrode. This is ideal for treatment of superficial structures and tissues.


Resistive electrodes
Resistive treatment electrodes have a very low impedance. As a result the focus of the field will be directed more towards the underlying zero-electrode. This is ideal for treatment of deeper structures and tissues.

Self-adhesive electrodes
The self-adhesive electrodes will allow for treatment of larger body areas without the therapist holding or moving the electrode. By using self-adhesive electrodes you can give a hands-free treatment!

Automatic electrode recognition
The Tecarpuls-II will recognize automatically whether a capacitive or resistive electrode is connected. This facilitates the ease of operation.


Continuous and pulsed emmission
The Tecarpuls-II delivers energy to the tissue in continuous or in pulsed mode. Pulsed emission permits to target the tissue with high power but without generating too much heat. Therefore, pulsed mode allows an efficient treatment even in the acute phase.

Choice of frequency
The Tecarpuls-II offers two different emission frequencies: 460 kHz and 540 kHz. Higher frequencies act primarily on superficial tissues whereas lower frequencies can penetrate better. The therapist can choose the frequency that best suits the localization of the affected structure.



When scan-mode is selected, the frequencies 460 kHz and 540 kHz alternate.
As a result, depth and diffusion of the emitted energy change automatically during a single treatment. Scan-mode is ideal for treatment of lesions that involve different tissue types and avoids adaptation (accommodation).

Easy to use
Designed and developed by experts in the field of therapy equipment, the Tecarpuls-II is easy to use and easy to understand. The built-in clinical protocols with clear graphical support will help you to quick-start an effective and proven treatment session. And of course you can store your favorite protocols. All is done via a clear touch screen interface. Very convenient and straight-forward.


With a continuous impedance measurement and feedback, the intensity output of the Tecarpuls-II is automatically adjusted during the treatment. This makes the use of the unit very safe. Absorption of electromagnetic energy varies during the treatment.

● Allround device for Radiofrequency Diathermy
● complete system with a great variety of electrodes
● Ergonomic handpiece with LED-indicator
● 2 frequencies, 3 application modes (static, dynamic and ‘handsfree’)
● Continuous and pulsed emission
● Scan mode (automatic frequency modulation)
● Automatic recognition of connected electrode type
● Preprogrammed clinical protocols
● Store your favorites
● Touchscreen and intuitive interface
● Compact, lightweight


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