Total Body Bike

The Total Body Bike allows you to train the upper and lower body using one device. This versatile trainer for muscular and cardiovascular rehabilitation for patients with reduced mobility was developed to maintain and improve muscle mass and to optimise the cardiovascular condition. The cranks are easy to position and allow you to choose between working out the arms or the legs. The cranks are positioned in such a way that the correct posture is always guaranteed when cycling or training the upper body.

The device is fitted with a sturdy, comfortable chair, which can swivel for easy access. A patient in a wheelchair can also work on their condition by simply removing the seat of the Total Body Bike to allow the patient to work out safely whilst in the wheelchair. The exact resistance on the eddy current brake allows for a natural and fluid
movement. The many pre-programmed exercise programmes will make it fun for everyone to use this trainer. The Total Body Bike is an indispensable device in the professional rehabilitation setting. Perfect for training heavier or less mobile patients.

Suitable for patients with spasms – the optional foot rests have been designed to ensure that the
patient’s feet remain safely and firmly on the pedals.
● Easy access
● The swivel chair makes for extra easy access
● The chair can easily be removed to allow wheelchair access
● Adjustable cranks for the perfect position, for both upper body cycling and recumbent cycling
● Equipped with a full colour touch screen, making it easy to operate / adjust
● The training values can be entered very accurately via the touch screen
● The device and the extra wide seat are also very suitable for obese patients (max. 200 kg)
● Various pre-programmed programmes to offer the best results
● Resistance with eddy current ensures a smooth and silent resistance
● Can be used with the smart EN-Train software programme

Developed with and by physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals, the Total Body Bike is a fantastic addition to your medical training equipment, allowing you to offer patients the best possible care.

EN-Train compatible
The Total Body Bike can also be controlled via the EN-Train software programme, meaning that the entire training schedule can easily be drafted in advance, the settings for the Total Body Bike will be performed automatically using a chip card and the results can be displayed concisely in the software.

Easy and suitable for everyone. For objective testing and measurement, setting up targeted exercise programmes and monitoring and adjusting training progress. The Total Body Bike can, of course, also be operated quickly and simply without the EN-Train concept. The ingenious and thoroughly tested interface allows everyone – young and old – to operate this exercise device with ease.

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