Up n ’Free is a partial weight bearing system aid. The support it offers to the user complements the power it has in its lower extremities. This lifting aid allows people who would not otherwise be able to stand up and walk. The lifting support is adjustable and adjusts according to the user’s needs so that there is a progressive development for users who can to regain or maintain strength in the legs, from large support to less or no support. Up n ’Free support for the user is distributed over the center of gravity. For this reason, this support not only partially lifts the user’s weight, but also stabilizes the position of the pelvis and torso. Therefore, it can simultaneously work dynamic balance and improve posture with the security of a comfortable support. Lightweight but also extremely durable, it functions both as a stable frame as a support and as a lifting force through its Seating System. Wheel lock: The rear wheels can be “locked” for greater steering stability or left open for more freedom of movement. The front wheels have parking brakes. Adaptability: By simply moving a few screws, the unit adapts to suit the user’s individual needs for support and lifting. Gas pistons: The gas piston offers the continuous lifting force supported by the Seating System as the user stands, sits, walks or exercises. Extras: Arm support available as an option. * Order is made after consultation with the company (there are different sizes).

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